To Test or Not to Test – That is the Question

Think of the ACT as if it were part of a resume for a job application. A strong resume not only highlights experience related to the position but also additional talents and skills that will help elevate the candidate.  Sometimes those skills and talents can overcome a lack of desired experience and aid in salary negotiations.

So while a school might not require an ACT score, it certainly can increase your chances of acceptance and merit scholarships. Take a look at a school’s incoming students’ profile; the goal would be to submit scores in the midrange or above. Below is an example from the University of Minnesota:

Overall, the middle 50 percent of students admitted for Fall 2022:

  • Had a high school rank percentile between 77 and 96
  • Had an unweighted calculated high school grade point average between 3.59 – 3.96
  • Scored between 27 and 32 on the ACT

Students shouldn’t be discouraged if they don’t meet all three benchmarks (that’s where additional talents and skills come in), but it’s well worth the time and investment to submit the best “resume” possible.