My in-school ACT is before the end of the ACT Ready session. Also, I’m going on vacation and will miss a class – should I still register?

The simple answer is “YES”! We will work with you to make sure you feel well-prepared for your in-school test. Let us know the date of your test, and we can schedule additional review. We also suggest you register for the national test date (April 13); you will then have “2 swings at the bat” in quick succession, and you can treat one of the dates as more of an enhanced practice test.  That approach can ease the stress associated with the first test.

Since the upcoming session (March 3-April 13) will include most students’ spring breaks, we are happy to offer alternative times to review any missed tutorials.  Just let us know which dates you will be missing, and we can get dates on the calendar that work in your schedule.

And remember – there are NEVER any extra fees associated with your session!