How Many Times Should I Take the ACT?

Students should prep for test to improve accuracy and pacing, ideally in the spring of junior year to have the benefit of junior year coursework.  After a period of solid practice, students’ actual ACT scores should then correlate to their abilities on a national basis,  and they are then finished with that component of their application package –  “one and done”.  Schools generally are looking for applicants’ scores to be within a specific range, and once an applicant is in that range, other factors will carry more weight than an additional ACT composite point. In our experience, students do not typically enjoy significant gains in subsequent test scores after that initial course of study.   We do, however, recommend taking the test a 2nd time if students either underperformed to their expected results or  are seeking additional merit aid.  ACT Ready does offer a shorter alum session to refresh students on the content and timing of the exam for all but the December and February ACT test dates.