When should juniors take the ACT?

Two factors are key in deciding when you should take the ACT: your math level and your available time to prep for the exam.

The Math Section covers material through Algebra/Trigonometry. If you are currently taking Algebra II or the equivalent, you might want to wait until the April or June test date in order to maximize the benefit of your classroom instruction.

ACT Ready sessions require 3-1/2 hours of preparation each week, so we suggest students  prepare when they have the fewest number of competing extracurricular activities.  For example, a student who knows he will be involved in a spring theater production might choose to prepare for the February exam, while a hockey player may wait until the April exam.  It is our belief that with concentrated effort over 6 weeks, students will receive scores that accurately reflect their abilities, and they will not need to repeat the test.  We call it our “one and done” approach.