Your college is waiting for you!

All the publicity about low college acceptance rates causes a great deal of stress in both students and parents. And there are a handful of schools that have acceptance rates hovering in the single digits. However, more than 80 percent of the colleges in the U.S....

School ACT Testing

Some schools are offering an in-school ACT on April 3 for all juniors.  For students interested in preparing for that test date, we suggest they enroll in a March prep session and also register for the April 14 national ACT test.  Students will then have “two...

Registration for 2018 Sessions Opens

Students can now register for sessions preparing for the February 10 and April 14 2018 ACT test dates. More session dates may be added. We will also schedule an extra class date for students who are taking the test on a different day at their schools.

Registration for December 9 ACT Open

Juniors who have completed math studies equivalent to Algebra Trignometry and have a full spring calendar may want to prep for the December ACT. Registration for the February and April 2018 test prep sessions will be available by October 1. Please call if you would...

Expanded Tutoring Services

Beginning January 2018, ACT Ready will also offer private (1 on 1) and semi-private (1 on 2) lessons at our Minneapolis location.  More information and a registration link will be posted on October 16, 2017.