ACT Test Scheduling Strategy

ACT Ready suggests students plan on taking the ACT twice. It keeps the stress level down if a student knows they have another chance, and it also allows for “superscoring” – taking the best scores from each section of both tests to create a higher composite score.

If the high school is scheduling an “ACT For All” in March or April, it would be smart to register for the national ACT test date on April 15 as well. Students then have two opportunities in quick order to take the test and adjust their approach as needed the second time.

The June 10 ACT works well for students whose school year ends early. They can take a summer break and plan on taking the test again in September or October.

The July 15 ACT test date is a great option as well. Students are fresh off of their academic instruction, but they do not have the demands of school and extracurriculars.  Sign up early for a testing site, though – spaces are limited.

We offer “refresh” alum sessions featuring new tests for any student who has previously taken an ACT Ready course.