Preparing for the ACT Test

  • ACT Ready has developed a highly-methodical program that strengthens our students’ test-taking skills.
  • Our small group sessions, with just 4-5 students, are highly interactive, with each student posing questions and learning from peers. 1:1 sessions outside of class-time may also be scheduled for students who would like additional help at no extra fee.
  • Our students complete a full ACT practice test each week at home in advance of their 2-hour tutorial. Students invest approximately 3-1/2 hours a week completing test questions, usually taking one test section per day. NOTE: Our program works very well for students who work independently and are self motivated. If your student consistently needs reminders to complete school assignments, the weekly test requirement may prove too demanding.  Please call us to discuss.
  • Each week, we track our students’ progress, monitoring section improvements and providing targeted assistance.
  • Unlike other services, which use valuable class time testing students, ACT Ready focuses all our tutoring time on clarifying questions and improving testing skills.
  • After completing and reviewing 4-5 ACTs, our students are ready to perform their best on their test day. Our students’ final practice test scores highly correlate to their exam day results.
  • Students who do not achieve an improvement relative to their baseline score or whose score is more than one point below their last completed ACT Ready practice test are provided additional tutoring free of charge.