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ACT Ready’s Spring 2020 small group sessions consist of six weekly 2-hour tutorials, during which students discuss testing strategies and questions relating to each section of an ACT to build their skills. Class size is limited to twelve. The class is further divided into two groups of no more than six, who review the English/Reading sections of the test with one tutor for one hour while a second tutor works with the remaining group who are discussing the Math/Science sections. After an hour, the groups are “flipped”, so students get a full review of each section.

During the first two weeks, students review a baseline test they have completed before the start of the session. The first week consists of a review of the skills necessary for the English and Math sections. The second class analyzes the overall approach and timing strategies for the Reading and Science sections. During the subsequent four weeks, students prepare for their tutorials by taking a complete practice ACT at home each week.

ACT Ready’s Summer 2020 small group sessions are for incoming seniors who have taken the ACT at least once and for incoming juniors with a strong academic background who want to prepare early for the test. These sessions consist of five weekly 2-hour tutorials reviewing four tests, and they are otherwise structured the same as the six week program.

Students may meet with tutors separately outside of class for 1:1 assistance. There is never an extra fee for additional tutoring time. Students are strongly encouraged to work individually with a tutor on any section they find difficult.

The all inclusive fee for our Spring 2020 sessions is $675.00. The all inclusive fee for our Summer 2020 sessions is $575.00. Students who have already taken an ACT Ready session will be charged the alum rate of $250.00.

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06/16/2020 - 07/18/2020
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