Private and Semi-Private Sessions Schedule

For the February, April, and June national test dates, Mary Ann Dorsher will offer private and semi-private classes in her home on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Private students will have weekly two-hour tutorials. Semi-private students will have two options: accelerated students enrolled in advanced coursework (AP/Honors/IB) will be scheduled for 90-minute weekly tutorials whereas students undertaking standard-level coursework will have two-hour weekly tutorials. Students wishing to take semi-private lessons will be matched based on their academic profiles. The private and semi-private program will be limited to 10-12 students preparing for each national test date.

The private and semi-private program blends weekly tutorials with skills-building workshops. To prepare for their tutorials, all students take a full ACT at home (one section a day). During tutorials, students analyze their mistakes and discuss testing strategies. Workshops supplement the tutorials, giving students more time to review difficult concepts. Between individualized tutorials and small group workshops, students are exposed to a wide range of questions and testing strategies to improve their accuracy and confidence.