Classes & Pricing

Our small group program, supported with unlimited 1:1 instruction, has helped more than 4,000 students from 130 high schools in the Twin Cities area improve their ACT scores.

Our 2024-25 sessions offer either five or six weekly two-hour small group classes.

Our sessions from July through October are for seniors and rising juniors who are academically ready to take the ACT.  Sessions preparing for the September test consist of five weekly two-hour sessions, reviewing four ACTs. The fee is $595.00. The October test prep offers a “bonus” class, allowing a student to review five ACTs. The fee for the October session is $650.00.

Our sessions preparing for the December through June tests are for juniors and consist of six weekly two-hour sessions, and they offer a “bonus” class to review a sixth ACT. The fee is $750.00.

“Alums” of an ACT Ready Comprehensive session may also take a three  week alumni session reviewing 3 or 4 new tests.  The alum sessions are offered in advance of the July, September, and October test dates. The fee is $150 for the September test prep (3 tests) and $200 for the October test (4 tests).

The fees are always all-inclusive; there are never any extra costs associated with our program.

Designed for students with limited availability or who just want an overview of the ACT, our Boot Camp program will offer students our best overall tips and strategies.

Sessions consist of two ninety-minute classes. Students will review the English and Reading sections during the first class and the Math and Science sections during the second class. Students will complete one ACT practice test prior to their session, which will be the basis for review during their classes. Our ACT Ready study guides and an additional practice test are included. Boot Camp sessions are capped at six students.

The fee is $200.00 for the small group Boot Camp. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a session outside of the listed dates.

Alums” of an ACT Ready Boot Camp may elect to take a Comprehensive session at a later date. The fee paid for Boot Camp will be subtracted from the fee due for the Comprehensive session.

Ready to get started?

ACT Ready has Attracted Students from 130 High Schools – Geographically, our students come to our classes from Minneapolis, St. Paul, all surrounding cities and suburbs, and even Wisconsin!

On average, our students gain 3-4 ACT composite points during our 6-week ACT Ready program.