Policies for Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Registration Fee – Because there are a limited number of available openings for tutoring, the 2018 private and semi-private program cost includes a $300 non-refundable registration fee.

Cancellation Fee – Students who cancel their registration within 30 days of their first private or semi-private class date will be charged an additional $300 cancellation fee.  Students who cancel their enrollment once their session has begun will be refunded $100.

“Make-Up” Class Policy – During each five-week session, private and semi-private students will complete five practice tests and review their errors prior to their test date. The schedule includes an extra class at the end of the session just before the ACT test date. Students can use this extra class as a ‘make-up’ class if they miss one of their five regularly scheduled tutorials.  Students who attend all tutorials can use the extra class as a ‘bonus’ class, giving them the opportunity to take and review six complete ACTs prior to their test date. This class is offered in a small group format.

Score Improvement — After completing and reviewing five or six complete ACTs, our students are ready to achieve an ACT score that fully reflects their academic abilities.  Our students’ final practice test scores highly correlate to their exam day results. Those students who have completed five practice tests at home (following our instructions, using a timer, and scored by a parent) and whose exam day score varies by more than two points relative to their last practice test score may continue with extra tutoring for no additional fee. Students who have completed five practice tests at home (following our instructions, using a timer, and scored by a parent), attended all tutorials and do not see an improvement on their exam day relative to their baseline test score may continue with additional tutoring at no extra charge.

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